The major objective of the ODLC is the attainment of Mass literacy. This can be further broken down into the following objectives:

  • Expanding full access to education for learners who have diverse and special needs, especially working people, housewives and so on through open and distance learning system as supplementary to the existing system of education.
  • Improving the quality of conventional education through different kinds of support mechanisms and materials by the application of ICT.
  • Promoting lifelong learning, continuing education and professional development through open and distance learning system by applying mix mode delivery mechanism.
  • To provide skill-based education through customized courses to cater for the needs of graduates from the OOU ODL Programmes seeking employment in the national and international job markets.

The primary goal of distance learning is to provide a window of opportunity to the rich array of quality instructional resources available to on-campus students to students anywhere, who are committed to higher education but are unable to attend the campus offering their programmes of choice. From the student’s perspective, a seamless web of opportunity is available.